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LabLive Goes Online, Lincolnshire's Digital Summit 2020

On the 24th of September, SEO Traffic Lab hosted an online event with ten of the brightest minds of Digital Marketing in Lincolnshire.

You can access five hours of lifechanging content by purchasing our recording from our digital marketing training day for as little as £29.99.

This collaboration provided the attendees with a broad scope of knowledge to develop an integrated digital strategy and now we have made it available to you.

Sessions cover SEO, PPC, Design, Video Production, Performance Marketing, Memberships, Digital Transformation and PR.

They share implementable tips to transform your online strategy with a results driven focus.

All profits will be donated to St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, one of the charities at the heart of our community.


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Transform your digital marketing strategy!

This video includes five hours of content delivered by ten leading digital marketers, with a combined presence of over 50 years in Lincolnshire. They share knowledge which will increase your sales and leads with easily implementable strategies.

The workshops cover all things digital, including SEO, PPC, Performance Marketing, Memberships, Digital PR, Digital Transformation, Design and Video Production.

September 24th 2020
Welcome to LabLive Goes Online, Lincolnshire's Digital Summit. SEO Traffic Lab hosted an event with ten of the sharpest marketing minds in Lincolnshire. Five hours of content to help you transform your online strategy, what have you got to lose? In this session, Richard provided an insight into the day, speakers and our charity partners.
The perfect RECIPE for your SEO - Richard Hill and Skye Tunks - SEO Traffic Lab
In this session, Richard and Skye shared the latest framework in SEO that delivers results. Search is one of the most powerful channels online and it is important that you have an SEO strategy to be successful. This jam-packed masterclass provided attendees with actionable strategies to transform their online presence to get more leads and sales.
Using the latest paid media features to build a consistent sales pipeline - Henry Gill and Ben Clubley - SEO Traffic Lab
In this fast-paced and practical talk Henry and Ben explained how to use the latest Google and Facebook Ads features to scale lead generation. They explored five simple ways businesses can use open betas and the new functionality in the PPC interfaces, to radically improve the effectiveness of their Media spend; and build a dependable pipeline of qualified leads.
Seduction, the digital age, creativity and revolutions - James O'Leary - United Agency
It is so important to have a consistent brand image. All of your design work needs to be consistent to portray a professional brand. In this session, James discussed the challenges that design agencies face in a digital world, how constraints focus on creativity, the realisation that clients are in fact designers and how small design details can create big change. He shared the most common mistakes business make when deciding on the branding for their business and related these in a comedic way to his past partners.
How to make video content that your audience actually care about - Ash Wilks - Wallbreaker
Video marketing is a hugely powerful tool as long as it's done correctly. You can easily waste time and get a poor return on investment. In this masterclass, Ash shared why video marketing is a strong investment and how to correctly speak to your target audience online to generate results.
Be agile, keep it simple - Simon Akers - Archmon
Unsure what marketing channels you need to be focusing your efforts on? Fed up of feeling like you are waste money and not getting the results your business needs? Well, this session is for you! Agile marketing is Archmon's own approach of allocating time and money on strategies that deliver value to the business, and ultimately the end-user. With a performance-focused approach, Simon discussed how businesses can improve the effectiveness of their strategies, and hopefully, with a few small changes in the way they plan their marketing, help to deliver the results their business needs.
Building revenue streams from within your existing business - Ryan Carruthers - Membership Mastery
Building a community improves customer loyalty and retention. In this masterclass, Ryan shared the importance of membership, as well as examples of when it has been successful and how not to implement a membership scheme. He ended his present by creating an attendee, selected at random, a membership live on air.
Digital thinking, digital success - Daniel Westlake - Cursor
The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation with many businesses now reliant on digital products and services for success. What do the most successful digital companies have in common? Daniel explained how thinking differently is the key to success online. In his talk, he shared how to focus on outcomes over output, how to best engage agencies and experts on your project, the five stages of successful service design, the power of continuous improvement and how your community can help with business decisions.
The importance of PR to SEO - Kate Strawson - Shooting Star
In this session, Kate discussed why PR is crucial to your SEO strategy and how businesses can effectively combine the two for maximum success. Public relations efforts can result in social media mentions and links back to your website from high domain authority sites like news outlets. Quality backlinks and social mentions are among Google’s top-ranking factors, good PR can help push you up the ranks on search engines. Ranking factors aside, extra exposure will generate more awareness of your product or service, build trust and drive more traffic to your website.
Panel discussion
The end of the day concluded with a thirty minute discussion, where the speakers answered questions from the attendees.
Passion, Passion, Passion
Who were the speakers?

Delve inside the minds of the marketers that deliver results.


Richard Hill

[Founder of SEO Traffic Lab]

Skye Tunks

[Account Manager at SEO Traffic Lab]

Henry Gill

[Head of PPC at SEO Traffic Lab]

Ben Clubley

[PPC Account Manager at SEO Traffic Lab]

Ryan Carruthers

[Managing Director of Membership Mastery]

Simon Akers

[Founder of Archmon]

James O’Leary

[Partner of United Agency]

Kate Strawson

[Director of Shooting Star]

Daniel Westlake

[Managing Director at Cursor]

Ashley Wilks

[Company Director at Wallbreaker]
Our Charity Partner
St Barnabas Hospice
Access the recording to LabLive Goes Online, Lincolnshire's Digital Summit.

Find out how to improve your presence online and increase your sales and leads.

What will you learn?

  • The perfect SEO RECIPE to improve your organic rankings
  • How to use Google and Facebook Ads to scale your lead generation
  • The importance of UX design
  • How to make video content that your audience actually care about
  • Why a performance-driven approach is more effective in delivering results
  • How to build a community to improve customer retention and loyalty
  • How to think differently online to be more successful
  • The importance of PR to SEO

All profits will be donated to St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, a charity close to a lot of people’s hears here in Lincolnshire.

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Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

CEO of White 7 Lincoln

It isn't about the knowledge and expertise you shared but the way you looked after us that will also be remembered.

Tony Smith

Tony Smith

Director at Genius Technology Solutions

A first-class event - I'd highly recommend any of your training to anyone wanting to learn about SEO and PPC. Insightful and delivered at just the right level. Plenty of time for questions and discussion - a truly interactive and informative afternoon.

Grace Hutchinson

Grace Hutchinson

Marketing Manager at Integrity Software

Thanks again everybody - lots of great takeaways to keep me busy.

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